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It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.

- Pablo Picasso   

Through making art we learn about ourselves and others around us. We learn about our world and the history of who we are.  We learn about where we came from and where we are going. Art is a key foundation of learning.

Everyone is an artist.  We are born this way and we have the very special innate ability to create from the moment we are brought into this world.  I challenge my students to think about what art means to them. I challenge them to have the courage to express themselves, to imagine, to create.  Most importantly, I challenge them to continue making art everyday.​

I learn from and with my students as they learn from me.  My mission is to connect the art room to the real world, and I strive to show my students how the skills they develop in my classroom will support them throughout their lives.  I draw from my professional background and bring design thinking and the entire creative process into their world, connecting my lessons to real art careers.  We think like artists, designers, producers, directors, builders, dreamers, and doers.  Projects culminate in critique and students gain insight and experience into how to speak about art, and learn through interactions with their peers.  They will build a yearly portfolio and participate as co-curators in a year-end art show.

Through media exploration, students will discover new and different ways to look at the world, encounter problem solving and critical thinking, and build a foundational skill set that will help them thrive in whatever career path they chose.  We will work tirelessly to tear down the roadblocks that stop our artistic expansion and grow into the artists we truly are.  My goal is to create an environment that addresses the needs of its learners, understanding their individual identities as well as that of the whole class.  There is only room for tolerance, acceptance, and as needed, constructive criticism. Art sees no boundaries, no imperfections, the art room is a safe place where we are free to become the best possible version of ourselves.


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Pop Art Day 3 Recap
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